Wiring harnesses

SMI / Cableados

Research, development and complete manufacture of electrical installations for vehicles and mobile applications.


  • Guidance and feasibility study.
  • Electrical design from start to finish, including specification and design of wiring diagram, assembly diagram and selection of all materials and components.
  • Flexibility: new projects or migration of old projects, undocumented functional installations, etc.


  • Drawings are created using industry-leading electrical CAD design software.
  • Original CAD documents can be opened with a free viewer, with the option to include annotations and comments.
  • Customized documentation for assembly, technical support and users: single-line/functional drawings, schematic diagrams, scale drawings, bill of materials, etc.
  • PDF files with dynamic interactive features.


  • Designed and routed using electrical CAD design software, then assembled using to-scale drawings.
  • Ultrasonic welding.
  • Wire marking by means of inkjet printing.
  • Identificación de mangueras.
  • Hose identification.
  • Prototyping.
  • Specialists in short-run production with flexibility in case of any changes.