About us

Our story

Founded in 2008 in a small office in Zaragoza, S.G.I was created with the aim of facilitating the integration of innovative multiplexing systems in the national auto body sector.

Our goal

Our main goal is to help OEMs to manufacture their machinery by providing engineering services or products through a single point of contact, the SGI Group.

Our scope

We have the capabilities to implement turnkey projects. Customized solutions are the hallmark of SGI. Its strength lies in its flexibility in providing complete and partial solutions such as design engineering services and systems integration, consulting, training and support, distribution of electrical materials, multiplex electronics, power electronics, hydraulics and/or wiring harness and electrical cabinet manufacturing.

Our values and team

Passionate about our work and with a real vocation for service, at SGI Group we approach each project a challenge that can benefit from our expertise and experience. We strive to deliver friendly, personalized service to each customer, regardless of the scale and volume of the project.

SGI Today

SGI Group is the present-day iteration of SGI to provide our customers with better service. It’s a leading group of companies in the integration of systems: multiplex electronics, hydraulics and hybrid and electric traction systems.
SGI Group boasts an experienced, international, multidisciplinary engineering team and its own engineering plant for the design and manufacture of large-scale wiring harnesses.


We encourage our colleagues to play sports..

At SGI we believe that sport is a great way to enhance the teamwork of our members. That is why we encourage them to participate in sporting events..

For example: successive participations in team events such as “8K ESIC Business Race”

Our coworkers: MULTIPLEXATORS 1, 2 y 3

2022 edition of the ESIC companies race, again Multiplexators 1 & 2

Cheer up team!


SGI collaborated with the donation of means for the manufacture of masks before the state of alarm by COVID 19

We support the culture

“The voices of the viols”

Early music activities as tools for educational, therapeutic and socio-cultural dialogue

The project consists of rehearsals, repertoire development, concerts and recordings of music with Renaissance bow violas. The aim is to stimulate and promote the creativity of young people with cultural and educational projects that inspire them to opt for culture and social integration. In addition, this initiative contributes to reviving communication, social life and physical and emotional health, helping to alleviate the growing socioeconomic crisis and lack of interest in art and participation in society.

Fernando Marín (artistic director), outstanding cellist, gambist and doctor of musicology specializing in ancient bowed instruments from the Renaissance and Baroque, historical interpretation and chamber music. Born in Alicante, he studied in Prague, Cologne and Brussels. He has recorded more than 12 specialized CDs, and was a winner of a Leonardo Scholarship for Researchers and Cultural Creators from the BBVA Foundation in 2017. He has taught Viola da Gamba at the Professional Conservatory of Music in Zaragoza since 2003.

Alonso González Yagüe (2004):
Student at the Professional Conservatory of Music in Zaragoza since 2010.
Auditions in: Zaragoza, Tarragona, Marlburg (Germany), Austin (USA)



Connected and communicating machine
Financing: CALL AEI 2023 AEI-010500-2023-435.

Participants: Aragon Agricultural Machinery Cluster (CAMPAG), Rigual S.A., Remolques Begue S.A., Zebra Ventures S.L., Arados Fontan S.L., Industrias Cleris 2014 S.L., Agro Intelligent S.L., Soluciones Generales de Ingeniería S.L., Lecitech Innovación S.L..

Execution period: May 2023 – April 2024​

Total budget: €184,121.00​

Total aid awarded (subsidy): €96,123.00

Description: The innovation project on ISOBUS connectivity and communication in different types of agricultural machinery has as its main objective to improve efficiency and productivity in the agricultural sector by incorporating advanced technologies and IoT solutions.

Our offices

Zaragoza: head office and central warehouse.
Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real): wiring harness engineering and manufacturing plant.
Gijón: hybrid, electric and hydraulic traction office.