Terms and conditions of sale


  • We charge €50 to prepare a quote. This cost will only be applied of the quote is not accepted.
  • Customers should request a quote for an order or repair by sending an email to cotizaciones@sgingenieria.es. We will automatically prepare a quote when a product is sent for repair and it’s no longer under warranty.
  • The quote will only be valid for 15 calendar days after it is received by the customer. Customers should accept or reject quotes via email by attaching a signed and stamped copy of the quote if possible.
  • In case of repairs, the quote may be subject to changes over the course of the repair if additional faults or malfunctions are detected. In this case, a new quote will be sent, which must be accepted or not in the same way as the original one.



  • Orders for goods must be placed via email to the following address compras@sgingenieria.es. It is ESSENTIAL to place the order so that it is registered and processing can begin.
  • The estimated delivery time of goods will be eight weeks from the receipt and acceptance of the order by SGI, which may be shorter if there is enough stock to complete the shipment. Failure to comply with the estimated delivery time for reasons beyond SGI’s control shall not entail any liability for SGI.
  • Shipments will be dispatched once we have all the goods to complete the order, unless the customer specifies at the time the order was placed that they want to receive the goods as they become available.
  • The goods will be shipped via courier service as usual to the customer’s address.
  • In the event SGI is unable to comply with the order due to force majeure (strikes, lockouts, breakdowns, transport) or any other reason beyond its control, SGI reserves the right to cancel all or part of the order or to extend the delivery period indicated without any obligation to compensate the customer for damage or losses under any circumstances
  • Orders for goods UNDER €150 will incur a €60 surcharge for administrative and handling fees.
  • In the event of dissatisfaction with the product received, issues with delivery, prices and/or discounts, etc., the customer will have 15 calendar days from the date of receipt of the goods to let SGI know.
  • If the customer wishes to return a product, the customer will be responsible for sending it to SGI freight prepaid. Under no circumstances will goods arriving freight collect be accepted. These will be returned to the customer. Acceptance of the return will be subject to prior inspection of the goods, which will not be accepted if they are not in their original packaging and/or have any defect or damage.
  • In the event a return is accepted, we will credit the amount of the goods, but not the expenses incurred by shipping the goods to the customer.




1.1. These General Conditions of Sale, (hereinafter, “CGV”) will govern the contractual relations between SOLUCIONES GENERALES DE INGENIERÍA, S.L. (hereinafter, SGI, S.L.) and its clients (hereinafter, the “Customer”).

1.2. When ordering products or services from SGI, S.L., the Client declares that he knows and accepts these CGV, which are published on the SGI, S.L. website. and that expressly exclude the application of any general purchase conditions of the Client.

1.3. Orders for the sale of products will be governed by these CGV, which will be completed, where appropriate, by the particular conditions that SGI, S.L. may agree on. and the Client. Said particular conditions will prevail over the CGV when SGI, S.L. has expressly accepted them in writing.


2.1. Any request for products or services made by the Client must inexcusably have been made by ORDER to SGI, S.L., in writing (email), specifying the class of products, quantity, quality and requested delivery date or term of service, as well as as the reference of SGI, S.L., if known or once SGI has provided it in the corresponding estimate.

2.2. The order must be expressly accepted by SGI, S.L. to make the sales agreement for the products or services binding. Within a maximum period of 7 days following receipt of the client’s order, SGI, S.L. will confirm to the Client if he accepts the order.

Once an order has been accepted by SGI, S.L. The Client may not make total or partial cancellations of the same unless they reach an agreement with SGI, S.L. regarding the conditions for the total or partial cancellation of the same.

2.3. SGI, S.L. reserves the right to reject any order, without deriving any responsibility for it.


3.1. Delivery times for Product orders will be understood to be estimated or approximate, and in no case essential compliance. As long as stock is available, SGI will comply with the term requested by the client, but in case of requiring a purchase from a supplier, the term will be conditioned by the term provided by the supplier, therefore, SGI, S.L. will not be liable to the Customer for any delays in the delivery of the Products.

3.2. In any case, SGI, S.L. will try to meet and supply the orders for Products within the terms agreed with the Client, provided that its resources and intermediation capacities allow it. By default, the deliveries of the material will be made in a single delivery, except that the client requests partial deliveries of the order, each partial delivery accruing the corresponding payment obligation by the Client. The request for advance delivery is not guaranteed in the case of orders with scheduled deliveries.

3.3. The price of the products or services will be established in the budget and the order confirmation document, which will include the cost of packaging, packaging, shipping, transport and insurance to the delivery address according to INCOTERMS 20, agreed between the parties, as well as any applicable taxes, charges or levies. If INCOTERMS is not included in the budget, it is understood that the price is EXW at the delivery address.

3.4. Ownership of the products will pass to the Customer in accordance with INCOTERM 2020 unless partial or full payment for the goods is made prior to shipment or delivery, in which case ownership of the supplies will pass to the Customer at the time of payment .

3.5. The risk, the responsibility of transport and insurance, as well as the point of delivery, is regulated by the agreed INCOTERM.


4.1. The Client’s agreement, in terms of the quantity of products delivered with respect to an order, will be made by signing the corresponding delivery note at the time of delivery. If the Customer does not make a claim about a possible quantity discrepancy within 24 hours of receiving the Products, SGI, S.L. will not assume any responsibility.

4.2. The Client must examine the products immediately upon receipt, verifying their conformity with the type of product ordered and the absence of apparent or hidden defects in them. In any case, after receiving the Products, the Customer will have a period of 24 hours to claim against SGI, S.L. due to a possible difference in the type of products delivered with those requested or due to the existence of an apparent defect in them.

If the Client detects a possible internal or non-apparent defect in the products, the period available to claim against SGI, S.L. It will be 15 days after receipt.

4.3. SGI, S.L. will not admit the claims that it receives after the expiration of the aforementioned periods. If the Client’s claim is justified and received on time, SGI, S.L. will have the sole and exclusive obligation to replace defective products with others that replace them, and will not be responsible for any damage or harm that may arise for the Client from the delay or non-delivery of compliant products, in particular lost profits, loss of production or benefits, in accordance with the provisions of Condition 6 below.

4.4. The eventual replacement of the products will lead to the return of the non-conforming products, unless SGI, S.L. expressly authorize non-return.

4.5. If there is a delay in the reception of the products by the Customer, SGI, S.L. may store them at the expense, charge and risk of the Client, in the premises of SGI, S.L. or those of a third party.


5.1. The sale prices of the Products will be those that are set in the offers and rates of SGI, S.L., communicated to the Client by budget or in the particular conditions agreed between SGI, S.L. and the Client. The corresponding taxes must be added to these prices.

5.2. The prices shall include everything that SGI, S.L. must provide or carry out. (packaging, shipping, duties, taxes, transportation costs in force on the day of delivery, etc.) to deliver the Products in accordance with General Condition 3.3.

5.3. SGI, S.L. You can modify the sale prices of the products at any time. The increase in the sale price will only affect those orders for products in progress that have been previously accepted by SGI, S.L., when said increase is due to a change in the rate of the supplier of SGI, S.L. applied retroactively.

In the event that the Client places an order for products with an erroneous price, SGI, S.L. will communicate the correct price and, where appropriate, will wait for your acceptance to process the order, provided that the Client expressly confirms it (with the correct price or express acceptance) within the following two days.

5.4 The mode of payment for new customers is payment in advance. Once a continuing business relationship has been established, the customer may request the purchase on credit and SGI will assess whether it is granted. If, after the credit payment has been granted, there are incidents and delays in payments or a year has passed without consumption, it will automatically return to payment in advance.

5.5. The Client will pay the price corresponding to each order of products or services, by bank transfer or domiciled receipts, as agreed with SGI, S.L., within a maximum period of 30 days from the date of the invoice that SGI will issue for this purpose. S.L., or according to the conditions agreed with each client; the corresponding invoice will coincide, in principle, with the date of issue of the products. Invoices will be sent by default to the email address provided by the client, unless they have expressly requested a paper invoice.

The payment terms will start counting from the invoice issuance date and not from the date of receipt of the goods or acceptance of the invoice.

Non-receipt of invoices may not delay payment. If you do not receive the invoice within 15 days after delivery of the material, please request a copy from our financial department: financiero@sgingenieria.es

In the case of payment with supports that have to send the documents by postal mail, the shipment must be made with enough time for said check, check or promissory note to arrive before the expiration of the invoice. Our invoices must be able to be collected on the expiration date of the document issued by SGI.

5.6. In the event of total or partial non-payment of the price of any product order on the expiration date, in application of Law 3/2004 of December 29, Article 5, the amount due and not paid will accrue the corresponding late-payment interest without the need of expiration notice by SGI, S.L., in addition to being the Client’s responsibility for the return expenses that SGI, S.L. may incur.

Likewise, SGI, S.L. may suspend or cancel the pending deliveries of products to the Client, while the order whose payment is due and due is not paid, or to require the advance payment of any new order.

5.7. SGI, S.L. reserves the right to set a credit limit for each client and to subordinate deliveries based on this limit and/or the presentation of a sufficient payment guarantee. In case of delay or incident in payment, SGI, S.L. You can proceed to the recovery of the merchandise pending payment and / or the initiation of legal actions that assist you and the change to payment mode in advance automatically.

5.8. SGI, S.L. reserves the right to full ownership of the products or services sold until full and effective payment by the Customer of the price and invoiced amounts. Consequently, until full payment of the amounts invoiced is made, the Client will be a mere depositary of the products or services.


6.1. The Customer is solely responsible for choosing the product that is the object of the sale, as well as the use or function for which it is intended, therefore, SGI, S.L. is not responsible or guarantees that the product is suitable for the technical applications intended by the Client, nor to achieve, in whole or in part, the objectives set by the latter when purchasing the products. In this sense, the Client will not have the right to return the products and claim the price paid.

Any technical advice provided by SGI, S.L. verbally, in writing or by conducting tests, before and/or during the use of the product, is provided in good faith, but without guarantee. The advice of SGI, S.L does not release the Client from his obligation to test the supplied product to determine its suitability for the processes and uses for which it is intended.

6.2. All responsibility of SGI, S.L. is excluded. for damages caused by defects in the products, except when expressly obliged to do so by virtue of applicable mandatory law. Likewise, SGI, S.L. will not be responsible for incidental, indirect or consequential loss or damage, loss of profit, loss of production or profit, product development risks.

6.3. In any case, if SGI, S.L. to assume any responsibility for damages suffered by the Client, it will be limited to an amount equivalent to the amount corresponding to the order of the product causing the damage, unless an applicable mandatory law imposes SGI, S.L. a higher quantitative limit. Likewise, the Client may not claim against SGI, S.L. for any damage that has elapsed one (1) year from the time the risk of the products has been transferred to the Client in accordance with the provisions of Condition 3.5 above, unless current legislation establishes a longer term.

6.4. The Client will be the only person responsible, exonerating SGI, S.L., for the damages that are derived from their own employees or third parties due to inappropriate use, storage, conservation, manipulation or transformation of the products; in particular, with a non-limiting character, when he has not observed the indications, warnings or instructions that SGI, S.L. has been able to provide you in this regard, not responding in this case SGI, S.L. against third parties of any claims, damages and/or losses that derive, directly or indirectly, from the breach of the obligations assumed by the Client.


7.1. SGI, S.L. will not be responsible for the non-compliance or delay in the fulfillment of its obligations towards the Client, if it were motivated by any unforeseen or force majeure reasons that affect both SGI, S.L. as well as its suppliers or carriers, including cases of strike, other labor or industrial contingencies, lack or impossibility of obtaining supplies due to market shortages, etc. If the cause of force majeure lasts for more than 2 months, SGI, S.L. may cancel and void orders for Products in progress, without this accruing indemnity or compensation in favor of the Client.


8.1. The controversies that arise in relation to an order arranged in accordance with these CGV, will be expressly submitted to Spanish Law, will be interpreted in its own terms and will be governed by these CGV and, where appropriate, also by the specific clauses agreed with the Client. in the budget and the order confirmation and, in matters not provided for, the parties will abide by the provisions of the Commercial Code and special Laws, commercial uses and customs and, failing that, the provisions of the Civil Code

8.2. The contracting parties, waiving their own jurisdiction and any other that may correspond to them, undertake to definitively resolve disputes through legal arbitration, within the framework of the Aragonese Court of Arbitration and Mediation, which is entrusted with the administration of the itself and the appointment of the arbitrator or arbitrators, in accordance with its Regulations.



The party making this request is aware that certain circumstances may occur that make it impossible to deliver the requested materials or that substantially modify the initial conditions in which said order was made. For this reason, the client assumes the following:

1.- That, if for reasons of force majeure, SOLUCIONES GENERALES DE INGENIERÍA, S.L. could not supply the requested merchandise, it will be exempted from fulfilling its supply obligations and released from any liability for damages or any other penalty for non-compliance.

It will be understood that force majeure exists, in any case and by way of example and not limitation, in the following cases:

(I) War, declared or not, hostilities, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, extensive military mobilization.

(II) Civil war, riots, rebellion and revolution, usurpation of power, insurrection, acts of terrorism, sabotage or piracy.

(III) Monetary and commercial restrictions, embargo, sanction.

(IV) Act of a public authority, whether legal or illegal, compliance with any law or government order, expropriation, occupation of works or materials, requisition, nationalization.

(V) Plague, epidemic, natural disaster or extreme natural event.

(VI) Explosion, fire, destruction of equipment, prolonged interruption of transportation, telecommunications, information systems or energy.

(VII) General labor disturbances such as boycotts, strikes and lockouts, work-outs, occupation of factories and premises.

(VIII) Shortage of supplies, for not being manufactured temporarily or permanently or for not being supplied.

2.- That, if for any reason, especially those described in the previous point, the provider or providers of SOLUCIONES GENERALES DE INGENIERÍA, S.L. increases or decreases its prices by a percentage greater than 5%, the increase or decrease may be passed on to the customer. To do this, within a week before the delivery of the material, SOLUCIONES GENERALES DE INGENIERÍA, S.L. will inform the client of said circumstance who may or may not accept the modification. Non-acceptance must be based exclusively on the provider’s disagreement with the existence of this price increase. In this case, you must pay, in any case, the order in accordance with the agreed conditions and, regarding the difference, both parties agree to definitively resolve the dispute through legal arbitration, within the framework of the Aragonese Court of Arbitration and Mediation, which is entrusted with its administration and the appointment of the arbitrator or arbitrators, in accordance with its Regulations.


  • In the event of an incident with a product, the customer should create a repair ticket FOR EACH of the products affected.
  • In order to create a repair TICKET, go to our ticket incident portal through our website es.
  • Log in to the SUPPORT CENTER, using the email and password we’ve provided beforehand. If you do not have them, please ask for them by sending an email to soporte@sgingenieria.es, specifying your name, email and the company requesting them.
  • Once you’ve accessed the online support center, go to OPEN A NEW TICKET
  • When creating the ticket, you must complete all the fields (explanations below): DEPARTMENT (it should be assigned to SUPPORT_DPT), ASSIGN TO: (it should be assigned to SGI SUPPORT), MODEL (specifying either the product model or code you used to buy it), INCIDENT DETAILS (please be as clear and detailed as possible when specifying the problem so that we can manage it efficiently), PRIORITY (choose NORMAL or LOW, and use only HIGH or EMERGENCY for cases where it is necessary to send replacement materials before looking into the warranty, in which case the terms and conditions are set out below). It would be very helpful if you could include photographs of the product label, showing the product’s serial number and part number.
  • Finalize the process by clicking on CREATE TICKET
  • You will be required to indicate the assigned ticket number for future communications, shipments, processes, etc., so we can assist you as quickly as possible.



  • The warranty will be for 12 MONTHS from the time the goods are delivered. SGI will be responsible for managing the warranty and will act as an INTERMEDIARY between the customer and Technical Support. The latter will be responsible for determining whether the defect is covered by the warranty or not.
  • SGI will collect and replace the materials at the customer’s premises through a courier service (usually Correos Express).
  • Once the defective goods are received, we will make the necessary arrangements with the relevant Technical Support. If Technical Support determines that the repair is not under warranty, a quote will be sent to the customer, who should respond by either accepting or rejecting it. In this case, shipping, handling and repair costs will be paid by the customer.
  • If the quote is rejected, the customer will be charged for shipping and the preparation of the quote.
  • If the customer urgently needs replacement materials before warranty coverage is determined (HIGH or EMERGENCY priority when creating the ticket), SGI will send the replacement goods together with an invoice or delivery note, which must be paid for. Once we receive the defective goods from the customer, and in the event that Technical Support determines that the repair is under warranty, the invoice/delivery note will be refunded.