Terms and conditions of sale


  • We charge €50 to prepare a quote. This cost will only be applied of the quote is not accepted.
  • Customers should request a quote for an order or repair by sending an email to cotizaciones@sgingenieria.es. We will automatically prepare a quote when a product is sent for repair and it’s no longer under warranty.
  • The quote will only be valid for 15 calendar days after it is received by the customer. Customers should accept or reject quotes via email by attaching a signed and stamped copy of the quote if possible.
  • In case of repairs, the quote may be subject to changes over the course of the repair if additional faults or malfunctions are detected. In this case, a new quote will be sent, which must be accepted or not in the same way as the original one.



  • Orders for goods must be placed via email to the following address compras@sgingenieria.es. It is ESSENTIAL to place the order so that it is registered and processing can begin.
  • The estimated delivery time of goods will be eight weeks from the receipt and acceptance of the order by SGI, which may be shorter if there is enough stock to complete the shipment. Failure to comply with the estimated delivery time for reasons beyond SGI’s control shall not entail any liability for SGI.
  • Shipments will be dispatched once we have all the goods to complete the order, unless the customer specifies at the time the order was placed that they want to receive the goods as they become available.
  • The goods will be shipped via courier service as usual to the customer’s address.
  • In the event SGI is unable to comply with the order due to force majeure (strikes, lockouts, breakdowns, transport) or any other reason beyond its control, SGI reserves the right to cancel all or part of the order or to extend the delivery period indicated without any obligation to compensate the customer for damage or losses under any circumstances
  • Orders for goods UNDER €150 will incur a €60 surcharge for administrative and handling fees.
  • In the event of dissatisfaction with the product received, issues with delivery, prices and/or discounts, etc., the customer will have 15 calendar days from the date of receipt of the goods to let SGI know.
  • If the customer wishes to return a product, the customer will be responsible for sending it to SGI freight prepaid. Under no circumstances will goods arriving freight collect be accepted. These will be returned to the customer. Acceptance of the return will be subject to prior inspection of the goods, which will not be accepted if they are not in their original packaging and/or have any defect or damage.
  • In the event a return is accepted, we will credit the amount of the goods, but not the expenses incurred by shipping the goods to the customer.



  • In the event of an incident with a product, the customer should create a repair ticket FOR EACH of the products affected.
  • In order to create a repair TICKET, go to our ticket incident portal through our website es.
  • Log in to the SUPPORT CENTER, using the email and password we’ve provided beforehand. If you do not have them, please ask for them by sending an email to soporte@sgingenieria.es, specifying your name, email and the company requesting them.
  • Once you’ve accessed the online support center, go to OPEN A NEW TICKET
  • When creating the ticket, you must complete all the fields (explanations below): DEPARTMENT (it should be assigned to SUPPORT_DPT), ASSIGN TO: (it should be assigned to SGI SUPPORT), MODEL (specifying either the product model or code you used to buy it), INCIDENT DETAILS (please be as clear and detailed as possible when specifying the problem so that we can manage it efficiently), PRIORITY (choose NORMAL or LOW, and use only HIGH or EMERGENCY for cases where it is necessary to send replacement materials before looking into the warranty, in which case the terms and conditions are set out below). It would be very helpful if you could include photographs of the product label, showing the product’s serial number and part number.
  • Finalize the process by clicking on CREATE TICKET
  • You will be required to indicate the assigned ticket number for future communications, shipments, processes, etc., so we can assist you as quickly as possible.



  • The warranty will be for 12 MONTHS from the time the goods are delivered. SGI will be responsible for managing the warranty and will act as an INTERMEDIARY between the customer and Technical Support. The latter will be responsible for determining whether the defect is covered by the warranty or not.
  • SGI will collect and replace the materials at the customer’s premises through a courier service (usually Correos Express).
  • Once the defective goods are received, we will make the necessary arrangements with the relevant Technical Support. If Technical Support determines that the repair is not under warranty, a quote will be sent to the customer, who should respond by either accepting or rejecting it. In this case, shipping, handling and repair costs will be paid by the customer.
  • If the quote is rejected, the customer will be charged for shipping and the preparation of the quote.
  • If the customer urgently needs replacement materials before warranty coverage is determined (HIGH or EMERGENCY priority when creating the ticket), SGI will send the replacement goods together with an invoice or delivery note, which must be paid for. Once we receive the defective goods from the customer, and in the event that Technical Support determines that the repair is under warranty, the invoice/delivery note will be refunded.